Good Alcohols/ Bad Alcohols


As people grow more concerned with what is in their skincare products, there is a misconception about alcohols in skincare that I want to address.

I hear a lot of things such as, “There is alcohol in this product and its very high on the ingredient list meaning it has a high content, so this product is bad.” .

This is a simply a misconception as the green beauty movement is making people scared of any “chemical” which can be very misleading in the long run because the truth is that there are GOOD and BAD alcohols in products and it’s important that you understand the difference.

The bad alcohols are very stripping to the moisture barrier and can create more harm than good as drying out your barrier leads to sensitivity, irritation and even breakouts. Stay clear of these 🙅🏼‍♀️

The good alcohols have a purpose of being an emulsifier ( water loving ) and are actually drawing moisture to your skin! Here I have listed the good alcohols and what they actually do 👇🏼

CETYL ALCOHOL ( product thickener, essential in creating a creamy texture ) .

STEARYL ALCOHOL ( emollient, keeps product intact during formulation )

LAURYL ALCOHOL ( cleansing agent, derived from coconut)

C12-16 ( fatty alcohol used as an emulsifier and cleansing agent )

MYRISTYL ALCOHOL ( emollient )

CETEARYL ALCOHOL ( emollient, emulsifier and carrying agent for other ingredients )

Alcohols are necessary to get the texture and feel we need in a product and not all are bad and I hope you keep this in mind next time you purchase a product! 📚

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